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Sanofi Pasteur | Administration Building Millwork

Administration Building Millwork

Swiftwater, PA


Sanofi Pasteur
Swiftwater, PA

Design Professional

Ewing Cole
Philadelphia, PA



Installation of extensive millwork finishes in the three-story atrium lobby, conference areas and campus’ main cafeteria. Installation of a Rulon wall grill system that required book matching, end matching and mapping was another major part of this project. Craftsmen installed matching zebra maple laminate fixtures, including the reception desk, wood veneered walls, planters and soffit in the lobby area.


  • Custom fitting of the Rulon wall grill end caps
  • Book matching, end matching, and mapping of the wall grill system
  • Safety of employees
  • Virtually all the wall paneling and cabinetry had to be custom


  • End caps were fabricated on-site
  • Articulate duplication of the samples, as well as approval from the client
  • Extensive safety measures for public thoroughfare
  • Precise planning and coordination of L.R. Costanzo craftsmen, client and architect


L.R. Costanzo experts also installed:

  • Matching zebra maple laminate fixtures including the reception desk, wall panels, planters and lobby soffit
  • Pre-fabricated Rulon wall grill system that required book matching, end matching and mapping
  • Zebra maple laminate was also used in new conference rooms and executive pantry, which also features custom cabinetry and custom wall paneling
  • Furniture and condiment islands in the cafeteria