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Bedford Springs Hotel | Historic Renovation

Historic Renovation

Bedford, PA


Bedford Resort Partners, Ltd.
Dallas, TX

Design Professional

Corgan Associates, Inc.
Dallas, TX



On this colossal project, L.R. Costanzo worked on the exterior finishes on the historic Bedford Springs Hotel, which was once a vacation spot for several presidents. L.R. Costanzo worked meticulously to restore, recreate and install the celebrated exterior finishes. Some of the restorations included: porch decks, wooden columns, stairs, railings, siding and various trims.


  • Replication of historic finishes.
  • Tight work time frame.
  • Coordination of work with various other craftsmen on such a large job.
  • Replication and installation of 27-foot wooden columns.


  • Dedicated research as to the style of historic finishes was conducted to perfectly match.
  • Critical path scheduling and regular meetings were conducted to maintain tight time schedule, as well as coordinate all craftsmen.
  • L.R. Costanzo worked closely with vendors to keep the materials historic-grade, while maintaining close contact with local fabricator.


  • Porch decking.
  • Replication of historic finishes on a large scale if restoration was not possible.
  • Restoration of finishes such as railings, decks, stairs, siding, trims, etc.
  • Painstaking efforts like fabric cataloging and photo documentation were taken to ensure accurate historical refurbishment.