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“At L.R. Costanzo, we do not measure our progress by the number of awards or accolades we receive. We judge our success by the satisfaction level of our clients. But it is certainly an honor to be recognized for the high quality of our work. And I think it attests to the fact that our attention to detail and quality has earned us a fine reputation – not only with our clients, but within the communities and regions we serve.”



Scranton Prep Arts & Science
“New Building Construction” Award

Faccia Luna
“Interior Renovations”

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association
“Employer Excellence Award”

National Association of Manufacturers
“Product Innovation Award”

Dunmore Pet Health
“Interior Design” Award

Woolworth Building
“Interior Renovations”

Harrisburg Builders Exchange
“Craftsmanship Award”, Historic Restoration – PA Capitol Complex North South Light Courts

The House of Representatives of Pennsylvania
“Employers Excellence Award”

Prudential Financial
“Interior Renovations”

Manufactures and Employers Association
“Employers Excellence Award for Innovation”

MidAtlantic Builders Exchange
“Renovation and Historic Renovation” – PA Capitol Complex Rare Books and Newspaper Vault, Forum Bldg. 

The Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
“Employers Excellence Award”