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The rapidly changing healthcare market demands an experienced company that understands that construction budgets are limited, and quality, schedule and patient safety are of the highest priorities. That’s why clients call upon L.R. Costanzo’s established reputation in this industry to meet their demands and complete their projects on time…every time.

We also understand that healthcare construction is a specialized sector – projects must be completed without releasing harmful contaminants, containing pathogens, controlling airflow and protecting patients – all without disrupting adjacent operations. Accordingly, our craftsmen are trained in Infections Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and understand ICRA protocols which insures effective communication with the facility’s ICRA team.

All of our projects required precise planning and specific coordination with facilities departments, architects, engineers and hospital staff ensuring construction didn’t interfere with day-to-day healthcare operations.

We’ve successfully completed a variety of projects in the healthcare field, including surgical suites with ancillary areas, preparation of clinical spaces to allow for equipment installation, a vast array of interior renovations, parking facility restorations, concrete installation and repairs, additions and corporate offices at a majority of Northeastern PA’s healthcare facilities.