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Faccia Luna Restaurant

Scranton, PA


Faccia Luna
State College, PA

Design Professional

Stephen J. Fox, R.E. Architecture
Scranton, PA



To bring this upscale restaurant to life, L.R. Costanzo converted this former bank and used the two-story open floor plan to create an expansive foyer view. As guests enter their attention is immediately drawn to the custom red oak millwork, which wraps around both floors and blends seamlessly with the bar reception and wait staff. The millwork on this project is custom designed and was crafted onsite. L.R. Costanzo responded to the owner’s wishes and created beautiful tables, seating, handrails and enclosures that mask the old building’s original steel beams.


  • Design custom millwork
  • Conserving the original plaster ceiling
  • Matching the stucco finishes around the windows
  • Constant evolving visions of the clients; constant changes being made to the plans


  • Crafted custom millwork onsite and installed immediately
  • Using our historic restoration experience, assigned skilled craftsmen and management to achieve conserving the original plaster ceiling and matching the stucco finish
  • Custom designed and hand crafted millwork on site


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Custom red oak tables, seating and handrails
  • Custom millwork enclosing the building’s original structural steel beams
  • Preserved the building’s historic elements
  • Exposed and restored the original interior masonry for accent
  • Custom brick wood fired ovens
  • Earth tone colors, open kitchen and black and white photography