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Fusion Restaurant

Scranton, PA


Scranton, PA

Design Professional

The Palumbo Group
Scranton, PA

Henry Fells
Dalton, PA



This distinctive restaurant offers guests multi-national cuisine in a unique setting designed by renowned artist, Henry Fells. Because this project was based on fengshui philosophy and artistic vision, not finalized construction documents, L.R. Costanzo worked closely with the owner and their artist to bring Fusion to life. The artist’s sculptures, waterfalls and paintings were seamlessly integrated with L.R. Costanzo’s construction services.


  • Construction documents were not finalized
  • Located in an operating shopping mall; potential disruption of customers and employees
  • Evolving vision of both the owner and artist


  • Viewed the project as a design-build and proceeded accordingly
  • Constructed temporary partitions with sound deadening material to terminate construction zones from general public
  • Constant communication with the owner and artist to translate their ideas into final product


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • State of the art fiber-optic lighting
  • Laminate wood flooring in the bar area
  • Epoxy floors and equipment in the kitchen area
  • Artists’ work for this space included:
    • Unique sculptures
    • Serene waterfalls
    • Imaginative paintings