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Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. | Indoor Water Park

Indoor Water Park
and Resort

Scotrun, PA


Great Wolf Resorts
Madison, WI

Design Professional

Water Technology, Inc.
Beaver Dam, WI

Construction Manager
Kraemer Brothers, Inc.
Plain, WI



To supply concrete finishes for a 90,000 square foot indoor/outdoor water park. The concrete work would accommodate various fixtures and drains throughout the park. The park features a water roller coaster with a fifty-two foot vertical drop, eleven waterslides, a lazy river, wave pool and several other water attractions. L.R. Costanzo’s work on the water park was a great example of their expertise in concrete and concrete-related projects. It shows once again that L.R. Costanzo will meet any needs of their clients.


  • Safety during a fast track and complex project
  • Congestion of workers in a small area
  • Coordination of labor and materials
  • Short time frame for completion


  • Constant communication between safety committee and field supervision to coordinate safe activities. Committee conducted random mock OSHA inspections to ensure occupational safety and health policy compliance.
  • Work was scheduled on the pools as other contractors built the surrounding structures at the same time
  • Well documented logs of materials and detailed scheduling and procurement


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Excavation of the pools
  • Concrete finishes and backfills
  • Forming the pool walls and floors to accommodate drains, lights, steps and handrails
  • Forming concrete walkways, steps and other concrete work adjacent to Great Wolf Lodge
  • Hand-tied the rope barriers throughout the park