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Grey Towers | Farmhouse Renovations

Farmhouse Renovations

Milford, PA


USDA Forest Service
Newtown Square, PA

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USDA Forest Service
Newtown Square, PA



The Farmhouse at Grey Towers is a national historic landmark administered by the USDA Forest Service and was the residence for Pennsylvania’s Governor Gifford Pinchot’s personal chauffer. It currently houses research and scholar fellows for the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. L.R. Costanzo performed significant building rehabilitation, following precise guidelines to preserve the integrity of the building throughout the course of construction.


  • Maintaining historic integrity during complete demolition of all finishes both interior and exterior
  • Strict schedule time frame
  • In depth research to identify, match and duplicate certain materials on the project
  • Coordination for the delivery of materials of a historic nature


  • Followed precise guidelines ensuring the preservation of historic integrity
  • Developed a comprehensive schedule which tracked every detail’s deadline
  • Extensive research for replication of the historic interior woodwork
  • Used qualified and pre-solicited vendors and subcontractors for performing historic work
  • Use of master craftsmen with knowledge of historical renovations
  • Utilized on-time delivery schedules; materials delivered and installed on the same day


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Performed significant building rehabilitation
  • Extensive restoration to interior woodwork and exterior architectural elements
  • Upgrading of mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructure