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Grey Towers | Letter Box

Letter Box

Milford, PA


USDA Forest Service
Newtown Square, PA

Design Professional

USDA Forest Service
Denver, CO



Grey Towers is a national historic landmark administered by the USDA Forest Service and the current home of the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. It was also the former estate of Gifford Pinchot, Pennsylvania’s former Governor. The building, set in the gardens of Grey Towers, was used by the Governor, a renowned letter writer, as a political office and archive. The project included renovation to the windows and floors while taking into account serious space limitations for the articulate work as well as keeping the historical integrity of the building.


  • Space limitations
  • Salvaging and restoring the floor
  • Installing and syncing new technology equipment


  • Maintained close line of communication with design professional, PNC end user and PNC equipment vendors


  • Old windows and frames restoration
  • Architectural woodwork restoration
  • New building environmental systems installation
  • Remotely operated lighting dimming features and window treatments installation