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Grey Towers | Main House and Service Wing

Main House and Service Wing

Milford, PA


National Park Service
Denver, CO

Design Professional

USDA Forest Service
Denver, CO



Grey Towers is a national historic landmark administered by the USDA Forest Service and the current home of the Pinchot Institute for Conservation, and was the former estate of Gifford Pinchot, former Governor of Pennsylvania. The project included restoration of Main House and Conversion of Servants’ Wing to office space for the staff. During the project, L.R. Costanzo and its vendors performed extensive research to maintain the project’s historic integrity.


  • Keeping historical integrity during restoration and renovation
  • Strict schedule time frame
  • In depth research to identify match, and duplicate certain materials on the project
  • Structural issues discovered once demolition was completed or as repairs were being done
  • Basement area was wet in the beginning stages of construction
  • Close quarters for installation of mechanical and duct work


  • Multiple product research, such as, period dated local sand for the mortar utilized in the stone restoration and color matching of the original exterior awnings for the fabrication of the new.
  • Extensive research for replication of the historic exterior shutter, awnings, etc.
  • Used qualified and pre-solicited vendors and contractors for performing historic work
  • Use of master craftsmen with knowledge of historical renovations
  • Repaired structural members in place rather than removing ceiling below which had historic plaster and detailing
  • Trench drains were installed around the perimeter and directed to storm system to central conduction
  • Installed mechanical and duct work in the basement crawl space as to not disturb occupied space and aesthetic features


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Conversion of the old servant’s wing of the mansion to office space for the staff
  • Renovations to the main house restoring it to its 1930’s appearance
  • Extensive research to match the historic conditions including the sand, mortar, shutters, shutter hardware, wood detailing, and awnings.