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H.T. Lyons | Central Utility Plant

Central Utility Plant

Swiftwater, PA


H.T. Lyons, Inc.
Allentown, PA

Design Professional

H.T. Lyons
Allentown, PA
Design Builder

Highland Associates
Clarks Summit, PA

Wilkes-Barre, PA



The Central Utility Plant is a new facility designed to produce steam and chilled water for the campus’ production facilities. Distribution occurs through a pre-cast tunnel system designed to accommodate anticipated future campus growth. This project also solved underground piping capacity problems in various sections of the original storm water system.


  • Deep over excavation due to unsuitable soils.
  • Constructed building around major mechanical equipment and large bore prefabricated pipe installed on a rack system.
  • Scheduled foundations and construction during winter months’ heaviest accumulations.


  • Safe removal and disposal of all unsuitable materials while limiting disturbance to adjacent surroundings.
  • Extensive planning and coordination with the mechanical design builder to allow for fast-track schedule.
  • Provided temporary heat and temporary enclosures to allow construction to continue through the winter.


L.R. Costanzo experts also installed:

  • New utility distribution lines, such as sanitary sewer, mercury waste lines, and electrical duct banks constructed adjacent to the tunnel.
  • Storm water runoff protection system for fuel loading areas.
  • Containment for interior fuel storage tanks.
  • Special sump/foundations for the cooling towers.
  • Structural installation.