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Metropolitan Life | Print Operations and Administration

Print Operations and Administration

Clarks Summit, PA


Metropolitan Life
New York, NY

Design Professional

New York, NY



This comprehensive project included renovating and upgrading a 41,000 square foot, 3-story administration area and converting a 6,500 square foot space used for print operations into a mail room, data communications equipment closet and call center. The team from L.R. Costanzo acted as construction manager, coordinating all subcontractors, MetLife vendors and MetLife employees.


  • All work had to be completed in 12 weeks due to the relocation of employees from other buildings to the Clarks Summit location.
  • The project involved an extensive electrical and mechanical fit-out.
  • Work needed to be completed in spite of adjacent areas and floors above and below being occupied.


  • A strict and aggressive schedule was implemented to ensure that deadlines were met. Daily progress meetings were held, along with constant monitoring. A second shift with additional site supervision was also added.
  • In order to install the extensive under-floor electrical and data distribution upgrades to feed the reconfigured office furniture, the team from L.R. Costanzo had to remove access flooring and install power, data wiring and terminations. This occurred while furniture was being installed, partitions were being added and hard offices were being built. Fire protection systems were also reconfigured to support the new space configuration.
  • Communicated and coordinated with the owner and subcontractors regarding the work schedule in order to not disturb adjacent work areas.


L.R. Costanzo experts also:

  • Installed new gypsum demising wall, new architectural finishes, new offices and a training room.
  • Upgraded the high voltage, low voltage, emergency power distribution, fire protection and mechanical systems to support the reconfigured space and increased personnel loading on the floors.
  • Worked with the owner, security vendor and information technology vendor to supervise, coordinate and install furniture, office equipment and security systems.