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Penn's Peak

Jim Thorpe, PA


H.T. Lyons, Inc.
Allentown, PA

Design Professional

Spillman Farmer Architects
Bethlehem, PA

H.T. Lyons
Allentown, PA



Renovation of an indoor, 2,000 seat multi-purpose theater that included an overhaul of the auditorium’s interior, including rest rooms, kitchen/bar, and stage area. A 50,000 square foot addition was also added to house a radio station, dressing/rehearsal rooms, custom bar, and lounge areas for performers and personnel. Finally, the main entrance was relocated to the front of the building and features a new, accessible elevator, ramp entrance, and grand stairway.


  • Building the addition around the existing performer loading dock.
  • Working around performances.
  • Adverse weather conditions including ice storms, high winds, and overabundant amounts of snow.


  • Footers for the addition were installed during non-performance days, while trenched areas were covered with steel road plates during performance days for performer access. All loading dock areas were cleaned and safed-off prior to shows. A special high-early, concrete design mix was utilized so concrete would setup within four hours.
  • Coordinated the project schedule with the existing facility performance schedule to ensure shows would not be inconvenienced. Work shifts were continually adjusted to accommodate things like sound checks and special requests.
  • Foundations were tented so work could be performed during extreme weather.


  • The team from L.R. Costanzo, with the help of the millwork vendor, designed and fabricated the “Coors Light Lounge,” a bar/lounge area complete with a custom wood wet bar and associated custom wood cabinets, granite top, hanging glass racks, and ornate brass foot rail. The design merged the country “feel” of the existing building with the contemporary “look” of the new additions.
  • Built a new, ramped loading dock for concert stage crew access.
  • Removed all of the exterior mechanical HVAC units and consolidated them into one interior mechanical space, while adding executive offices.