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Pennsylvania's Capitol Building | Capitol Preservation Committee Reconstruction of South East Balustrade

Capitol Preservation Committee Reconstruction of South East Balustrade

Harrisburg, PA


Commonwealth of PA
Harrisburg, PA

Design Professional

Philadelphia, PA



Renovation of the 400 feet granite balustrade that lines the entrance to Pennsylvania’s Capitol Building in Harrisburg.


  • Removing, restoring, and reinstalling the pieces of the balustrade, including stairs.
  • Repairing the structural wall foundation, waterproofing, adding drainage structures, backfilling and lawn restoration.
  • Installing new concrete sidewalks.


  • Prior to carefully documented removal, photographs were taken of the pieces of balustrade. Once done, the pieces were labeled, logged, and restored before being placed back in their original positions.
  • Meticulously removed original steps and deteriorated foundation, cleaned and restored steps and carefully reinstalled to the highest historical preservation standards.


  • L.R. Costanzo experts worked hand-in-hand with historic architect to insure that all progress followed the contract documents, including the amount of time used to clean existing materials so that the historic fabric was never damaged.
  • This project occurred directly adjacent to the State Capitol Building and required extensive coordination with the Capitol Preservation Committee and Capitol Security to ensure the operations of the Capitol were not impacted or interrupted.
  • Worked closely with a conservator to record the entire restoration process to assure historical integrity. All steps of construction were detailed and documented by a historical preservationist to comply with the Capitol Preservation Committee’s requirements.