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Pets United
Hazleton, PA

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This company’s steady growth led to this expansion of its warehouse facilities. The owner was experiencing delayed permitting issues so they turned to L.R. Costanzo late in the spring to complete this project and be on line by the end of the year. This project was completed within a six month time frame, during excessive rain, and included detailed permitting approvals. This 70,000 SF was the location of a 432’ x 162’ foot warehouse expansion. L.R. Costanzo matched the existing siding and panels for both profile and color. The extensive site required grading, packing, and removal of unsuitable soils which included a vast amount of debris, including 9,000 lb. boulders. L.R. Costanzo provided value engineering services which allowed the owner to proceed within budget on this guaranteed maximum price project. The project schedule met corporate goals to be on line by the end of the year.


  • Delayed permitting issues
  • Massive 8,000 to 9,000 lb. limestone boulders were located on site and needed to be relocated


  • Worked with the municipality to achieve phased permit planning which allowed the work to start earlier than planned
  • The limestone boulders were used in a retaining wall to protect the wetlands


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Concrete walls, grade beams, and strip footings
  • Site grading was completed utilizing GPS satellite positioning system
  • Concrete floors using laser screeding technology
  • Roof vapor insulation and laminated roof panel system were installed to create an air tight seal
  • Worked around existing operations of the owner and warehouse/distribution systems
  • Coordinated construction with owner supplied racking system and inventory management system
  • Parking lot expansion was built to not only accommodate the building expansion but for improved radius for tractor trailer deliveries