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Pharmaceutical Client | Pharmaceutical Client Sample Lab Upgrade & Receiving Area Additon

Pharmaceutical Client Sample
Lab Upgrade & Receiving
Area Additon

Eastern, PA


Pharmaceutical Client
Eastern, PA

Design Professional

Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Endicott, NY



L.R. Costanzo Co., Inc. managed a four-phase renovation that transformed an unclassified sample laboratory located in a warehouse into a classified laboratory. In order to provide uninterrupted service, the team created a temporary space to house a qualified sample laboratory that was later transformed to a new shipping/receiving area.


  • Building an addition onto a fully operational warehouse, then renovating inside the warehouse while not disrupting its daily operations.
  • Physically installing the laboratory’s centerpiece…a laminar flow unit.
  • Managing the phasing of the multiple-use addition, and the renovations to the existing warehouse efficiently.


  • An isolation wall was installed as a buffer between the construction activities and receiving operations and a tunnel was erected to provide unobstructed access to the new addition.
  • On-going communication occurred with key stakeholders as the team employed rigging techniques and coordinated off-shift work.
  • Worked quickly to build the addition that housed the qualified temporary sample laboratory in order to renovate the inside of the existing warehouse.


  • A new bio-safety cabinet, fume hood, laminate flow unit, and laboratory casework were installed in both the temporary and newly renovated laboratories
  • LRC team members found and suggested additional uses for lab equipment and cabinets utilized in temporary laboratory
  • Walkable ceilings were installed
  • Self-performed the general trades work related to the laboratory construction