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Pocono Mountain Regional Police Headquarters

Tobyhanna Township, PA


Pocono Mountain Regional Police
Tobyhanna Township, PA

Design Professional

Murray Jay Miller Architecture
Wilkes-Barre, PA



L.R. Costanzo constructed this attractive full-service police headquarters which includes a fitness center, sleeping quarters, detention cells, and a complete forensic evidence processing laboratory. The structure is wood frame with striking wood trusses and brick exterior.


  • Limited mechanical conditioning space
  • Deep excavation; low floor elevation
  • Coordination of pre-fabricated jails cells before closing the walls


  • The masonry foundation was installed at a full story height underground to provide adequate clearance for the equipment needed
  • Performed extensive excavation to the desired level; shot elevations frequently to track how deep the work was to be done
  • Kept close contact with detention vendor and supplier and map out exact dates and times for delivery and installation of jail cells


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated, scheduled and constructed:

  • Durable finishes for easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Wood trusses permitting easy transition for varying roof pitches
  • Detention cells
  • Full forensic evidence processing laboratory
  • Brick face
  • Wood frame
  • Masonry foundation installed at full story height underground