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Prudential Insurance Company of America | Client Services Center

Client Services Center

Moosic, PA


Prudential Insurance Co. of America
Newark, NJ

Design Professional

Hemmler + Camayd Architects
Scranton, PA



L.R. Costanzo converted existing traditional office space into a high-end Client Services Center that Prudential uses for presentations to major accounts. The scope of this upscale project involved complete interior demolition and installation of all new finishes, which was performed seamlessly through carefully planned construction phases and without disruption to existing tenants. In preparation for this major upgrade, L.R. Costanzo first renovated another area in the building and relocated the Human Resources Department.


  • Building occupied and functioning during construction


  • Phased construction
  • Temporary relocation of entire departments
  • Off-hour demolition and noise abatement
  • Worked closely with on-site facilities group


L.R. Costanzo experts coordinated/scheduled/constructed:

  • Extensive custom cherry casework, doors, awards display cases, and trim requiring highly skilled craftsmanship
  • Granite wall engraved with the Prudential logo
  • Granite wall engraved with the Prudential logo
  • Complex audio and visual package in presentation conference rooms