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Office Renovation

Eastern PA


Pharmaceutical Client
Eastern, PA

Design Professional

Highland Associates
Clarks Summit, PA



Situated inside a historical building in a busy city, this office area was renovated to accommodate modern, state-of-the-art technology, while maintaining its historical integrity. A primary focus of the job was to preserve and highlight the original ceilings. An impressive, high-end conference room was also added.


  • Since the renovation work had to be conducted in a fully operational space, L.R. Costanzo was tasked with minimizing the exposure of the construction and subsequent noise
  • Maintaining the integrity and matching the fabric/color of the historical ceiling
  • Ensuring the safety of craftsmen during the removal and reinstallation of the historic metal ceiling


  • Constantly communicated and coordinated with the owner and subcontractors regarding the work schedule; installed temporary partitions with used noise-reduction materials
  • Carefully documented ceiling pieces using photography in order to reposition after restoration; worked closely with vendors/suppliers of historic-grade materials in order to match missing pieces
  • Conducted safety meetings, utilized a safe plan of action, and enforced strict safety practices


L.R. Costanzo experts also:

  • Upgraded mechanical and electrical systems for the increased building load
  • Removed, reinstalled, and replicated historical metal ceiling
  • Made extensive floor repairs and leveling
  • Removed and replaced existing steel windows
  • Installed an automatic projection screen in the modern conference room