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Tobyhanna Army Depot | Partial Canopy Renovations

Partial Canopy Renovations
Nitro Farm & East Side of Bldg 18

Tobyhanna, PA


Tobyhanna Army Depot

Design Professional

Quad 3
Wilkes-Barre, PA



In order to eliminate snow loading conditions on a 1,200 foot, flat roof that serves as a canopy over an existing loading dock and attaches to a building, the team from L.R. Costanzo was called in to install a new sloped standing seam metal roof, as well as five new intersecting gable roof systems.


  • The roof needed to be carefully constructed over a nitrogen storage tank area that contained mission-critical, fragile cooling equipment operating at -276°F.
  • Installing and setting trusses and plywood sheathing on the sloped roof, while executing a good fall protection plan.
  • High wind conditions and extreme winter weather caused work stoppages.
  • Because the roof was being installed over stairwells and next to a walkway and roadway, pedestrian and vehicular safety was a concern.


  • In order to exercise extreme caution so as to not damage equipment while working, a system scaffold was procured. This system was erected over the entire storage tank area and served as a protective barrier.
  • Roof anchors were installed every 25 feet with a ¼” steel cable running through the “O” rings in the anchors to create a lifeline. Trusses were raised by an all-terrain, high-reach fork lift and manually set into place. They were then properly anchored to the existing canopy and building.
  • Schedule and work sequence modifications were made to meet project goals.
  • Handrails, safety fences, and flagmen were utilized throughout the project to enhance vehicular and pedestrian protection.


The team from L.R. Costanzo also:

  • Worked in conjunction with pre-engineered metal truss manufacturer to confirm proper fit of truss system.
  • Self-performed demolition, excavation, concrete foundations, truss and fire-rated roof sheathing installation.
  • Installed ice/water shield that completely covered fire rated plywood.
  • Erected intricate, structural steel framework to support the five, new intersecting, gable roof systems.