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Safety is a core value that L.R. Costanzo Co., Inc. cultivates from the top-down.   We recognize that our most valuable asset is our employees.  We are dedicated to provide a safe and healthy worksite for our employees, clients and general public and achieve this through equipment, training and best practices.

Project safety planning is a critical part of our success in working safe.  Site-specific safety plans, daily safe plans of action and continuous inspections by our safety team provides a comprehensive approach to identifying and mitigating risk.

Our leadership personally spends time on our project sites communicating our culture of safety and supporting our site supervision.  Our Site Supervisors are our first line of safety and receive year-round training to enhance their skills. Their experience, combined with education, is trickled down to our craft in the form of on-the-job mentoring. Every one of our employees are empowered to stop work if they feel an activity is unsafe so they can obtain the proper assistance.

Our organization is successful not only because of our corporate commitment, but because of each individual’s commitment.  We are proud that every one of us actively participates in helping to maintain and promote a safe working environment.