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Milford Streetscape | Streetscape Renovation

Streetscape Renovation

Milford, PA


Borough of Milford
Milford, PA

Design Professional

The Delta Group
Philadelphia, PA



The community of Historic Milford, Pennsylvania has embarked upon a mission to make the Pike County seat a better place to live, work, visit and do business. L.R. Costanzo is helping achieve that by constructing new sidewalks, curbing, landscaping and historic-style pedestrian lighting throughout much of Milford’s commercial district.


  • Working in a PennDOT right-of-way highway (US Route 6), requiring extensive traffic and pedestrian safety coordination.
  • Ensuring that all working businesses remained open, accessible, and safe for day-to-day operations during construction.
  • Removing existing sidewalks, curbing, landscaping, and lighting on both sides of US Route 6 and reconstructing.
  • Limited construction material lay-down.


  • Traffic control measures were undertaken to maintain pedestrian flow and smooth vehicle traffic. Safety barricades were erected and trained flagmen were used.
  • The on-site construction team worked closely with local businesses and the Borough of Milford to coordinate work schedules so that all businesses were accessible at all times and safety was maintained. Traffic and sequencing patterns were continually reviewed with business owners.
  • Installed new, stamped concrete and bluestone sidewalks, along with granite curbs. Additional landscaping, including new trees were added. Replicas of historic light poles were also installed to match other parts of the Borough.
  • Utilized remote sites and carefully coordinated delivery sequence of materials.


  • The professionals at L.R. Costanzo were responsible for the stamped concrete sidewalks and granite curbing. The company’s roots in masonry made them the perfect choice for this detailed job.