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Pharmaceutical Client | Facility

Restoration & Renovations

Eastern PA


Pharmaceutical Client
Eastern, PA

Design Professional

Vestal, NY



This facility was reduced to its two existing stone walls prior to rebuilding the entire superstructure. The existing stone walls were extended vertically and blended with new masonry to preserve the historical nature of the campus. Adding to the complexity of this manufacturing facility, the project was executed on the banks of a creek and fast tracked for completion within six months.


  • Expansion required seamless blending of stone masonry
  • Replacement of entire superstructure to allow for expansive mechanical and process equipment in attic space
  • Fast-track, six-month work schedule
  • Building situated on the banks of a creek


  • Reconstruction and extension of exterior masonry by highly skilled “in-house” masons
  • Shored the two remaining walls and erected the new superstructure constructed of an innovative structural steel skeleton
  • Detailed planning and scheduling of subcontractors and work tasks, along with close coordination with the building users
  • Preventative measures put in place to not allow construction debris or materials to enter the creek


L.R. Costanzo experts also installed:

  • HEPA pass-throughs, centrifuges, DI water and clean steam, incubators and autoclaves
  • Clean steam generator in basement of adjacent building. Tied in piping via a tunnel to the building
  • GMP finishes including epoxy flooring, stainless steel wainscot and epoxy paint